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WellPoints, Water Tanks, Pressure Pumps & Irrigation Systems

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For groundwater less than 12 meters (borehole if deeper). We install, upgrade and repair all your WellPoint needs

Holding Tanks & Pressure Pumps

Add a tank and pump to maximize water pressure and help filtration for irrigation system use

Rainwater system partners

Catch all rain water from your roof into a holding tank

Irrigation Systems

We install fully automatic or manual irrigation systems. We link them to boreholes, wellpoints, holding tanks and water pumps.

Water Purification

Our partners can take care of your filtration needs

Greywater System Partners

Our partners can take care of all your greywater needs

Borehole Partners

Our partners can take care of your borehole needs

Landscaping & Garden Service Partners

Our partners can take care of all your garden needs

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About Us

wellpoint irrigation is our game

For the last 10 years we've been installing irrigation systems and wellpoints professionally and reliably. As a result, we have had hundreds of satisfied clients. We’re truly proud of the work we deliver and committed to ensure that will never change.

SAVE WATER: We realise water is too precious and expensive to waste. That’s why we prioritise keeping
water wastage to a minimum by reducing water spray on pavements and patios.

SAVE MONEY: We send out one of our 
specialised teams to come and asses your garden and its unique requirements.
 With a GoGardens system, each area of your garden gets the same amount of water,
 which means no more dead patches on your lawn and no more dying plants.

SAVE TIME: GoGardens allows you to tend to other important daily tasks like family,
 work, and recreation. You can rest assured that the garden you’ve invested in is taken 
care of and stays beautiful throughout the year. 

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We’d love to hear from you! GoGardens has wellpoint and irrigation specialists operating in and around Cape Town. Contact us today for a free quote! CALL us or SMS wellpoint/irrigation & your location to 0829350232 or EMAIL to zjac@gogardens.co.za